Planks Quality

There are a few different kind of wood planks. The upper layer is composed of oak wood, containing a varying number of knots.


This is the best quality level. It is distinguished by its pure texture without any knot or notch. It is fully smooth. This wood is selected from the noblest and prestigious oak slices.

1 bis

The best choice for a good compromise between price and quality! With almost no knots and an elegant texture, the prime bis parquet is the option to sort out the parquet in a house.

Rustic AB

Rustic AB is a good quality oak wood. If you want both a natural appearance and unique prices, it might be your best choice. It is characterised by obvious knots and and barely seanable little notches.

Rustic CD

Rustic CD quality is preserving the natural soul of that kind of wood siding. It is full of knots and notches and is the perfect option for the ones looking for a warm and rustic touch at home.

Grading Standard

 Healthy KnotsDead KnotsHeartsCracksDiscolorationSapwood
PrimeMax. 5mm diameter
Max. 3 per meter
1 BisMax. 15mm diameter
Max. 3 per meter
Max. 10mm diameter
Max. 1 per meter
NoMax. 2cm lenghtNoNo
Rustic ABMax. 40mm diameter
Max. 3 per meter
Max. 25mm diameter
Max. 1 per meter
NoMax. 10cm lenghtNoNo
Rustic CDNo LimitMax. 50mm diameter
Max. 1 per meter
Max. 50% lenght of the boardMax. 30cm lenghtYesNo